Kissasian: A Perfect Platform to Stream Korean Drama?


When it comes to watching Korean drama or reading Korean webtoons, Kissasian is the first name coming out as the most preferred streaming platform.

But is it worth the hype? Yeah! it absolutely is but on the cost of your privacy, online security. Let’s find out how:

Is Kissasian safe?

Day & Night – You’re watching latest Kdrama on Kissasian but is the site safe for you? I’ll be straightforward here – Kissasian isn’t safe for you. Look at the pop-up on the homepage –

Does this look safe to you? I get it they need revenue to run the website but that’s the lowest form of advertisement.

Look at dramacool, you don’t see any annoying pop-up there. In fact, you won’t see any annoying ads on the homepage. I’m not discouraging you to use the website. It’s a great platform to watch latest Kdrama. Just that you need to be a bit careful when using the site.

Here’s what you can do to stay on the safer side:

  • Install a pop-up blocker extension on the web browser you use.
  • Use a private VPN service with a fast & stable broadband connection.

That’s it. Now, you can safely watch Kdrama on Kissasian.

How to Block ads on Kissasian

So, far I’ve told you how you can avoid pop-ups to stay on the safer side. But Kissasian has another massive problem.

Hover over the site & you’ll see 18+ ads everywhere.

So, if you further want to cut down the advertisements visible on Kissasian, it’s best if you use an adblocker extension or a dedicated adblocker browser. That’s the only adblocker extensions I recommend you to use:

  1. AdBlock Plus – free ad blocker (Chrome).
  2. AdBlock Plus (Firefox).

Install any one of them or use a dedicated adblocker browser.

How can I Download Kissasian Videos on my Laptop?

Not everyone can binge-watch a complete Kdrama show. So, for them, downloading episode videos is the best option. So, here I’ll tell you different ways to download Kissasian videos on your laptop.

Download Kissasian Videos using Built-in Download Manager

  • When playing an episode on the Kissasian website, you’ll see a download video button on the right corner of the video player.
  • Click on it & you’ll be redirected to a new page. And from there you can download that particular video. If you didn’t like this way, you can use its alternative option.

Download Kissasian Video using Internet Download Manager

  • It’s a great way to download Kdrama videos. Install internet download manager in your pc & configure it with the web browser.
  • Once done, head over to the Kissasian video you want to download,
  • Select the video quality & you’ll see a dialog box on top of the video player. See this screenshot below:

  • That’s it. Now, Kissasian video will begin downloading on your PC.

Note: Unfortunately, it’s available for Windows Users only.

How to install kissasian to Kodi?

Installing the video add-on for Kodi is very easy, you just need to follow the steps carefully and it is done. So, let’s begin our KissAsian Video Add-on installation guide.

  1. Go to file manager >> Click the ‘Add Source’ button >> Click on ‘None’ on the popup.
  2. Type the URL in the popup box >> Click on ‘done’.
  3. Click on the selector box next to ‘Super Repo’ >> Click on ‘done’.
  4. Click on ‘Install from a zip file’ >> Click on ‘Super Repo’ >> ‘Jarvis’ >> then all >> ‘’.
  5. Go back to ‘Home’ >> Go to videos >> Video Add-on and get more.
  6. Search through the list and select KissAsian >> Click on install.
  7. Once you have correctly followed the steps and installed, go back to ‘Home’.
  8. KissAsian video add-on plugin is available and ready to be used.

If you are facing some issues and not able to perform some step, you are doing something wrong and need to retry from step 1.

Kissasian Alternative Sites


Even though a paid streaming site, Netflix offers a great collection of Kdramas. In recent times, Netflix is even increasing its existing Kdrama library with their Netflix Originals.

So far in 2020, Netflix has released handful of Netflix Exclusive Kdramas:

  • Start-Up
  • Private Lives
  • Record of Youth
  • Greaceful Friends
  • STRANGER Season 2
  • Was it Love?
  • It’s okay to not be okay

The list isn’t over yet. It goes on & on. Out of all the paid streaming site, Netflix is one of the best alternatives if you don’t want to watch kdrama over an illegal streaming site like kissasian, dramafever. Its subscription plan starts at $7.99/month & goes up to $14.99/month.


The three greatest drama sites like KissAsian broadcasters of Korea launched a website in the US, Kocowa (i.e., Korean Content Wave). It gives a single platform to its users to watch a variety of popular Korean dramas, TV shows, Programs, and also K-pop shows. J

ust after a few hours of broadcast in Korea, the programs are uploaded for US viewers on Kocowa with English subtitles. Kocowa works on various devices, e.g., tablets, PC, mobiles, and also on a smart TV. Their services are offered based on subscriptions without any adds, but one can also enjoy free but ad-based programs within one day of broadcast.


Apart from Netflix, Viki is another paid video streaming platform. Its plan starts from $0.99/month & goes up to $4.99/month. Unlike Netflix, Viki allows you to stream their video content.

You need its subscription plans if you want to remove ads, unlock VIKI Standard shows & movies, get first access to VIKI Originals, exclusives, movies & global dramas. VIKI features these Kdramas on its streaming platform:

  • Tale of the Nine-Tailed
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
  • My Dangerous Wife
  • Delayed Justice
  • Zombie Detective
  • Flower of Evil

Apart from Kdramas, Viki provides popular dramas & movies from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan. If you’re looking for one single platform to stream popular drama shows from all these regions, VIKI is the only choice you should opt for.


From our list of websites similar to KissAsian, MyDramaList is one of the best sites to consider. The primary goal of MyDramaList is to offer a platform to the fans of Asian drama and movie lovers to discuss their favorite dramas and shows with other fans and create their dramatists.

One can also make a lot of friends while watching and discovering new scenes and movies and having fun. After many years of beta testing and hard development, MyDramaList was launched on 6th April 2011.

At this moment, this website is in Beta mode because it is not perfect. MDL is another community-based project which allows people of all backgrounds to add a wide range of Asian drama, Movies, Actors, and Actresses. One can register and create an account free of cost on this.


Suppose you are looking for a well-organized and filtered method of searching the drama list. Gooddrama is the perfect Korean drama website for you.

The website has an easy and simple user-friendly interface. Also, Gooddrama doesn’t need sign-ins, and it’s free and available to all. However, the site allows some advertisements along the way, but it is safe to use.

Subtitles are good, and the video quality of the site is excellent. Though some drama series has a minimal low audio quality, this problem doesn’t apply to all the series on the website, and drama series can be watched understandably.

Final Thoughts

If you think, you’ve covered yourself & your device in the Privacy & Security department, I would recommend you to continue using Kissasian. Or else, you cKissasianan buy the premium subscription of Netflix & Viki. That’s all for now. If you had problem in installing kissasian to kodi or downloading videos from kissasian to your pc then do let me in the comments section given below.